Cattleman’s Association providing for farmers, saving them thousands of dollars yearly

With revenue streams drying up, work as demanding as always and the task of feeding a nation, the role of the American farmer is as important to society as it has ever been.

And the Pendleton County Cattleman’s Association is doing all that it can to aid the farmers in their community.

“Kentucky was one of few states that gave tobacco buyout money back to the farmers instead of putting it in their budget,” explained Larry Miller who oversees the program and performs the maintenance on the equipment.

With Ky. Ag Developmental funds from the tobacco buyout money, they obtained a grant of $6,000 to purchase a new spreader. The association had to put up $6,700 to fully fund the purchase that they feel will help farmers in Pendleton County.

The new equipment joins an inventory that is estimated over $150,000 including the barn where it is housed. It is located by the Pendleton County Extension Office south of Falmouth. The equipment can be rented on a first-come, first-serve basis by calling the Extension Office at 859-654-3395.

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