The Pendleton County Farmers Market has a fine selection of homegrown produce available for purchase.

Farmers Market open every Saturday with fresh homegrown produce

The Pendleton County Farmers Market is well under way with a successful Opening Day earlier in the season, and a Craftsman’s Showcase on June 17.   Each Saturday is a great day at the market with local farmers and crafts people bringing their produce, herbs, jellies, soaps and sundries, wine, plants, honey and maple syrup, to name a few, to the market.

The community is always welcome with a smile and valuable information to utilize the abundance of products available at the market.  Bringing local, fresh, nutritious, wholesome foods to the consumer is the heart of the Farmers Market, and Pendleton county is proud to host a group of producers that show the true art of the farming tradition.

The Pendleton County Farmers Market strives to keep the consumer updated with events and information on their Facebook page, Feel free to visit the market by Barnes Lumber from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday and stock up on the freshest produce you will find anywhere.