"Primary residence" leads to Nordheim's resignation

"My son is no longer a student in this district and transferred on June 4th to a non-Pendleton County School which is his, mine and my husband’s choice. Our Board attorney recently concluded his inquiry into whether I can remain on the Board. It was my intent to serve out my second term. However, I need to resign my District 3 Board seat effective immediately," Nordheim wrote in a letter to the citizens of Pendleton County published in the Outlook.

For a politician to be eligible to serve office, their primary residence must be in the district they seek to represent.

With Dr. Shawn Nordheim’s purchase of a home in Fort Mitchell and her son’s transfer to Beechwood school district, the “primary residence” of Pendleton County Board of Education chair in Division 3, Kincaid and Northern Pendleton district came into question.

In a recent conversation with the Falmouth Outlook, a representative of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association indicated for Nordheim’s son to be eligible to play football at Beechwood, the “entire family unit” would have to transfer their primary residence to the Beechwood school district. This would allow eligibility under the “bona fide change of residence” in Bylaw 6, Section 2:d:1. The “entire family unit” was defined as everyone living in the house when he was playing at Pendleton County High School. That would include mom, dad, and himself. Siblings gone to college are not included in the “entire family unit.”

In a conversation with Pendleton County Clerk Rita Spencer, a politician must have their primary residence in their district.

There cannot be two primary residences.

As a result, the two desires conflicted with each other resulting in Dr. Nordheim resigning her position and seat on the board of education.

The Outlook had contacted her via email on Monday, July 2 questioning her about the “primary residence” issues.

Similar residence issue recently led to City of Falmouth Council person Alex Carson, who also moved to Northern Kentucky, to resign his seat effective July 1. Fellow Council person April DeFalco will not seek reelection with her expected move outside of Falmouth city limits.

Pendleton County Superintendent Joe Buerkley indicated Nordheim’s resignation has been submitted to the Kentucky Department of Education Commissioner Wayne D. Lewis, Jr.

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