Second case confirmed in Pendleton County


Five other residents quarantined

  • Response Timeline
    Response Timeline
  • 2nd press release
    2nd press release

    Three Rivers Health Department released two documents that announced a second COVID-19 case in Pendleton County and a second that laid out the response timeline of the two Pendleton County cases as well as two cases in other parts of their district.
    According to the response timeline, on March 30, a resident of Pendleton County was tested positive and four people are presently quarantined because of their research in that person’s encounters with others.
    Two days later on April 1, a second person of Pendleton County tested positive and is quarantined for COVID-19 and quarantined through April 14.
    Only one additional Pendleton County resident was placed under quarantined because of this case.
    The release included an apology for a Sunday, March 29 release that was reported to them concerning a Pendleton County resident who was actually a Campbell County resident. Their address was Butler but the Butler post office serves areas of Southern Campbell County. That is where the person actually lived.
    “More importantly, what you may not be aware of is that behind the scenes, we contact the infected person, those in their household and everyone they have been in contact with who could be at risk. We take care of their needs at this difficult time by providing instructions, masks and thermometers. Sometimes this care has included delivering food, medical treatment and other supplies. In some instances, families have been separated from ill loved ones who lost their lives while isolated in a hospital,” the district said in a Facebook post.
    Falmouth Outlook reached out to Three Rivers Health District and Governor Andy Beshear’s office about the numbers being reported in his press conferences not aligning with the releases locally.
    Beshear did acknowledge the first case in Pendleton County in his Thursday, April 2 press conference.
    His media contact where media is directed to submit questions did not responded to our query.
    Beshear did offer a graphic that should that information on cases could come from over 100 different means and that information is sometimes not timely or double counted.
    Indicative of that, he corrected the numbers for Wednesday, April 1 at his Thursday evening press conference as they were some double-counting that had occurred.
    Three Rivers Health Department’s media contact Christina Perkins responded to our email by stating, “As soon as we receive lab reports for positive cases of COVID-19, we report that information to you, the public. In most of our cases, lab reports are reported to us directly before they reach the Governor’s Office.”