Pendleton County has third case of COVID-19


As numbers grow, it is vital residents stay home

  • 3rd case
    3rd case

Three Rivers Health Department announced that Pendleton County has a third case of the growing COVID-19. It is the five case in the Three Rivers District as Carroll County has two cases. Both Owen and Gallatin have not reported a diagnosed, confirmed case.

Pendleton County's first case was announced on Monday, March 30 with the second case announced in a press release on Wednesday, April 1.

In a question from Falmouth Outlook, Three Rivers indicated that while they are in the early stages of the contact investigation, it appears that this case is not connected with the previous two cases.

This appears to be a third strand in the county and Three Rivers is monitoring and screening potential cases connected to all three diagnosed, confirmed positive cases.

With a growing number of positive, diagnosed cases as well as the understanding that this "invisible enemy" as called by President Donald J. Trump, it is vital that Pendleton County residents stay home.

"We must conduct ourselves as though we are all infected," said TRDHD Public Health Director, Dr. Georgia Heise. "The greatest weapon we have against this virus is to physically distance ourselves from each other."

While many would like to know the name and places where the person has visitied, medical privacy laws prevent Three Rivers from releasing their names.