September 1, 2014

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Pendleton Young Republicans stand with Rand Paul Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

The Pendleton County Republican Party sent a letter to Rand Paul thanking him for all of his efforts in Congress and to express our constant support. We stand with Rand!

Pendleton County is largely made up of a few rural communities and farmland. We citizens here hold in high regards the traditional values that made this country great. We are law abiding citizens that value the second amendment with much respect as well as the freedom to worship God in the way we have for well over a century in our county. We value the education of our children and we respect the privacy and liberties that our American soldiers fight to preserve. As you demonstrate in your recent filibuster, we too secondary to other members in Congress. We feel the current administration is not doing enough to secure these freedoms and we applaud you for standing up for the rights of Americans.

We also support your values of a less intrusive and fiscally responsible government. As you have expressed on the topic of Libya, the threat of an ever-increasing national debt, coupled with large government spending on conflicts abroad, which have no vital connection to the growing issues at home, is wrong. Senator Paul, your unwavering voice, which speaks clearly the concerns most important to us and your resolve to address the issues we deal with as Americans and Kentuckians, is refreshing and reassuring to know we have someone in Congress fighting to maintain our valuable freedoms.


The Pendleton County Republican Party Chairman, Bill Roseberry