September 1, 2014

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Knoxville Baptist cleaned up highway Print E-mail

Dear Editor,
The youth of Knoxville Baptist Church cleaned up trash on 491 from the Pendleton County line to the end of the road on November 10, 2012. There were  11 members that helped that day. We picked up 11 bags of trash and several large tires.

Several of the items that were picked up were empty food containers. These were from a variety of restaurants such as McDonalds and Subway. The main thing that the children seemed to comment on was the amount of beer cans and bottles that were picked up considering this is a dry county. At one point a teen actually commented that the people who had drank an entire case of beer were nice enough to place it all in a garbage bag however they still managed to throw it out on the side of the road.

Another item that seemed to be recurring was empty cigarette packs. The winner made it to five!

I would say the highlight of the morning for one of our youth was when a person who owned a home on the property thanked the group that was working his side of the road and told them how much he appreciated them helping him keep his area cleaned up. Its nice to know that people out there are respecting us for helping them.

Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to help keep our communities looking nice!

Deby Collins

Member of Knoxville Baptist