A day on the set of a Hollywood production

Standing next to a millionaire, movie star, heart throb on the  set of a movie based on a world renowned serial killer, Ted Bundy,  wasn’t the first way I thought I’d begin my new year. It was the first of January when I had discovered a post from a casting agency. It stated that they were looking for background actors or movie extras to hire for a film titled “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile”, that starred Zac Efron as Ted Bundy, and Lily Collins as Bundy’s Girlfriend Liz.

I was amazed that a Hollywood production took interest in such a unknown setting in Northern Kentucky. I immediately began the process of applying as a movie extra by sending a detailed email that included my dimensions and photos of my best 1960s ensemble. I checked my emails daily patiently waiting for any replies, or even a kind decline. Several weeks past by without out an answer I decided I wasn’t what they were looking for and continued my daily life.

The night before I started work, I randomly checked my email and what I saw stunned me. Extremely Wicked Casting stood bold and intimidating in my inbox. The email explained apologetically that they were in need of an extra last minute, which meant the next day. Attached was directions and images of the aesthetic I was to portray. I was in shock that by morning I would be surrounded by cameras, celebrities, and what I’ve learned a totally different world.

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