School board lowers tax rate


    The Pendleton County Board of Education voted unanimously to lower the tax rate at its August 17 regular board of education meeting.  
    Superintendent Joe Buerkley provided the following statement regarding the board’s decision:
    “School districts plan and budget carefully to ensure their stability. This process occurs throughout the entire year, not just in August when the tax rates are set.  
    The Pendleton County Board of Education has strived to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars; they are always interested in being more cost effective and responsive to taxpayers. This has been evident over the past five years as they have kept expenses less than revenue. They have worked diligently to reduce costs through attrition, competitive purchasing, energy management, and numerous grants to supplement services.  They are trying to do more with less.
    We are challenged to maintain parity with other school districts in regards to resources available to enhance student achievement while maintaining a safe learning environment.
    The district continues to experience increasing costs related to instruction, maintenance, transportation, salaries, debt, and facilities.  While these costs continue to increase, our district enrollment has continued to decline. This declining enrollment paired with an increased property assessment will cause a reduction in SEEK funding; however, our board has been willing to make difficult decisions to cut cost and keep the district in a position for future success.
    Our board is tasked with being good stewards of tax payer resources and this is what I feel they are doing.  They have worked tirelessly to create a more efficient and focused school district while maximizing the value of every dollar spent.  Through their efforts, we have built a budget, which does not include the maximum 4% tax increase.
    For the second year in a row, we were able to lower the tax rate for the citizens of Pendleton County.  
    As we progress throughout the year, our board will continue to be good stewards of your taxpayer dollars and strive to meet the diverse needs of our students.”
    Superintendent Buerkley recommended the school board set the tax rates at Real Property – 66.9, Personal Property – 66.9, Motor and Motor Vehicle – 55.0.  He also recommended the board add the .1-cent rate to recover prior year losses due to exonerations per KRS 134.590.  The board unanimously approved the recommendation.