If you want to vote in-person in November, than answer the call to be a poll worker

  • Poll workers needed for November
    Poll workers needed for November

    Secretary of State Michael Adams is putting out an APB for poll workers for the November election.
    “Like most Kentuckians, I want things to get back to normal – and that includes our elections. I want more robust in-person voting options than we had in June, but that is only possible if Kentuckians step up and volunteer to be poll workers.”
    Locally, County Clerk Rita Spencer indicated she has sent out letters to 54 precinct workers to see where they stood in the possibilility of working a November 3 election.
    She indicated to be eligible a person would need to be a registered voter and a resident of Pendleton County.
    A typical Kentucky election entails approximately 3,700 voting locations and 15,000 poll workers. The primary reason June’s primary offered so few voting locations is that so few Kentuckians volunteered to be poll workers. By law, each precinct voting location must have four poll workers, evenly split between registered Democrats and Republicans.
    While the law requires an even split, Spencer indicated that party affliation is not limited to just the two parties.
    “You can be independent, Libertarian, too,” she said adding that those interested need to stop by her office.
    Secretary Adams expressed the need for more workers.
    “If you’re a Republican who doesn’t want a vote-by-mail election in November, you need to step up and be a poll worker. If you’re a Democrat concerned about unintentional voter suppression caused by a paucity of voting locations, you need to step up and be a poll worker.”
    Adams encourages all Kentucky voters to contact their local Democratic or Republican committees, or their county clerk, to volunteer. In his bipartisan agreement with Governor Andy Beshear for the June primary, Independent voters were permitted to serve as poll workers, and Adams hopes to continue that in the fall, and permanently, with legislation next year.