Falmouth Outlook unveils new website look

  • Check out the new look at www.falmouthoutlook.com
    Check out the new look at www.falmouthoutlook.com

    In a continual effort to best serve the readers of Falmouth Outlook that are looking for the news that informs and affects them, the webpage has been updated with a new, cleaner layout.
    It also includes breaking news tickers, options for polls, special sections and a  more focused news section.
    At www.falmouthoutlook.com, readers can view a sampling of the stories but not all that can be read in the print edition. They  also may access stories that cannot to make it into the printed edition because of lack of space.
    In addition, breaking news that cannot wait for Tuesday, such as the May 20 predicted flood, will be reported to the website  as soon as possible with follow-up in the next edition.

    The new format has divisions for Local News, Latest News, Sports and Obituaries. There are also sections for opinion and education.
    It also gives the editorial staff the ability to offer polls that will indicate how readers feel about an issue. For example, the main story on the page at this moment is the Wet or Dry petitition issue, and a poll accompanies it. On the right hand side of the page, the webpage visitor can vote simply Yes/No on whether the voters of Pendleton County should be able to vote on the issue in the November General Election.
    Lastly, there are many press releases that come out of Frankfort and Washington, D.C. that might be of interested to some readers, but there is simply not enough room in the print edition to include them all. They will be placed on the website for readers to partake and keep up-to-date on what the politicians in state and federal government are saying and doing.
    The print edition will focus on things that affect Pendleton County readers the most and what might be of the most interest while the website will try and provide more information. To be fully informed, call 859-654-3332 to subscribe to both the print edition in paper or digital and continue to check out the website on a daily basis.
    Falmouth Outlook is your ONLY source of local information that is in our community daily covering all the stories. Check out the weekly print/digital edition as well as the newly formatted webpage to be full informed.