Exemptions to the Face Mask Executive Order


Per press release of Governor Andy Beshear

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Governor Andy Beshear

4.    The following are exempt from wearing face coverings:

a.    Children who are age 5 or younger;
b.    Any person with disability, or a physical or mental impairment, that prevents them from safely wearing a face covering;
c.    Any person who is hearing impaired, or communicating with a person who is hearing impaired, where the ability to see the mouth is essential to communication;
d.    Any person engaged in work that a state or federal regulator has concluded would make wearing a face covering a risk to their health or safety;
e.    Any person who is seated and actively consuming food or beverage at a restaurant, bar, or other establishment that offers food or beverage service;


f.    Any person who is obtaining a service that requires temporary removal of the face covering in order to perform the service;
g.    Any person who is required to temporarily remove their face covering to confirm their identity or for security or screening purposes;
h.    Any person who is giving a speech or broadcast to an audience and is able to maintain a safe distance of six feet from all individuals who are not members of the person's household;

i. Any person who is in a swimming pool, lake, or other body of water;

j.    Any person who is actively engaged in exercise in a gym or indoor facility so long as six or more feet of separation between individuals exists, and where the gym or indoor facility engages in required cleaning;
k.    Any person who is actively participating in athletic practice, scrimmage, or competition that is permitted under separate Healthy at Work requirements or guidance available online at: https://healthyatwork.ky.gov; or

I. Any person who is engaged in a lawful activity where federal or state law prohibits wearing a face covering.


The entire executive order can be viewed at https://governor.ky.gov/attachments/20200709_Executive-Order_State-of-Emergency.pdf#page=6&zoom=auto,-43,887