Council appoints new fire leadership


    During a special meeting on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, the newly-seated Falmouth City Council approved a resolution to appoint Dave Klaber as fire chief and John Lucas as assistant fire chief. The vote for Klaber was 5-1 with Councilperson Sebastian Ernst voting against appointment. Ernst had asked for discussion after the motion was on the floor. Mayor Ron Stinson asked if Ernst had input that could possibly sway the vote, and Ernst conceded he likely did not. At that, Stinson refused to allow discussion, and the vote was taken.
    The vote for John Lucas was 5-2 with Councilpersons Craig Owen and Ernst voting against appointment. The third item on the agenda was the resolution to surplus the retired fire truck. That resolution was approved unanimously. The special meeting was adjourned, and the monthly caucus was opened.