City of Falmouth honors U.S. Veterans with banners

  • Main Street
    Main Street
  • Shelby Street
    Shelby Street
  • Wilson Leo Moore
    Wilson Leo Moore
  • Wayne E. Caldwell
    Wayne E. Caldwell
  • Travis Brinkman
    Travis Brinkman
  • Roy Mains
    Roy Mains
  • Robert Coker
    Robert Coker
  • Randall Schlueter
    Randall Schlueter
  • Marty Hart
    Marty Hart
  • Mark Hart
    Mark Hart
  • Kenneth McDowell
    Kenneth McDowell
  • James White
    James White
  • James Richard Cordray
    James Richard Cordray
  • James Lee Mattox
    James Lee Mattox
  • James Aaron Monday
    James Aaron Monday
  • Gene Flaugher
    Gene Flaugher
  • Gary W. Bishop
    Gary W. Bishop
  • Esltun Bobb
    Esltun Bobb
  • Ernest Richie
    Ernest Richie
  • Ernest Lee Holmes
    Ernest Lee Holmes
  • Eric Varner
    Eric Varner
  • Donald Warman
    Donald Warman
  • Donald Wallin England
    Donald Wallin England
  • Danny Simpson
    Danny Simpson
  • Clark Lea Jr
    Clark Lea Jr
  • Charles Lucian Craig
    Charles Lucian Craig
  • Angie Williamson
    Angie Williamson
  • Marvin Record
    Marvin Record
  • John Browning
    John Browning

Thanks to the efforts of Falmouth City Clerk Ramona Williams, Operation Honor Banner’s Joe Montgomery, and many Pendleton County families, Shelby and Main Streets are lined with banners honoring the county’s veterans. The banners were hung Tuesday, May 12, by city employees. They honor both current veterans and memorialize veterans who have passed.

"I am thrilled beyond belief that the county offered this program to honor veterans. Jim was very proud of his service during the Berlin Crisis and was a very patriotic man. For me to honor him by purchasing this banner is a balm to my grieving heart. He would be so emotional and proud to see it, as am I. The banners and flags displayed today are awesome. Thanks to the county and the company that made the banners, downtown looks pretty great right now," said Teresa Monday, widow of James Aaron Monday.

The banners will remain hanging through the patriotic holidays of summer.

Operation Honor will soon be offering banners for those that are interested. Look in Falmouth Outlook for that announcement.