Butler seeking direction on alcohol ordinance


    Butler City Council met in regular session on 01/04/2021.  Fire department report was given for the month with only one fire run for December. Police Department report was then given with a total of 84 calls for the month.
    There were a number of different events contributing to these 84 calls including harassment, neighbor disputes, well being checks, dogs at large in which three dogs were impounded, loud music, vehicle lockout, custody disputes, assault, also traffic incidents.
    Magistrate Alan Whaley was in attendance and reported that the City of Butler was indeed approved for money to be used for road repairs, and those funds will be utilized early spring.  
    Early tax pay time has passed and a penalty of 10% will be applied when you come in to pay your taxes. The amount of increase in on your tax bill.
    With the new alcohol sales ordinance passed for Pendleton County, the City of Butler has been looking at how they want to move forward with this ordinance. The council has discussed topics such as will a restaurant, should one open, be permitted to sell drinks with meals?  They would not be in favor of bars opening; and do the city’s people even want alcohol sold in Butler?  
    Council had originally decided to hold a meeting seeking input from Butler residents on Wednesday, January 13. On midday Monday, that meeting was canceled.
    Next meeting will be regular scheduled meeting on first Monday in February, 1st at 7 pm.