Bussman pleads guilty to prostitution charge

  • James Bussman
    James Bussman

James Bussman, former Falmouth police officer, pled guilty to several charges and received probation for 365 days.
    Bussman had been gone from the city police force when he approached a young male and reportedly attempted to solicit sexual acts.
    “Mr. Bussman pled guilty and was sentenced last Tuesday.  He has to pay fines, and has a 365 day sentence probated on the conditions that he obtain sex offender treatment, he must register as a sex offender for 20 years, he is to stay away from the victims in the case and have no contact with them, and he may not reside within 1000 feet of a school, nor communicate with any minors via social media or internet communications,” said Pendleton County Attorney Stacey Sanning.
    According to her, he is being supervised by Commonwealth Mediation Services to ensure he complies with all of the conditions including no further offenses.
    “If there is a violation, it will be reported to me and I can request that his probation be revoked and he be ordered to serve his sentence,” she added.
    He pled guilty to Loitering for prostitution purposes second offense, attempt unlawful transaction with minor first gree sexual act under 18 years of age, Loitering for prostitution purposes two counts.
    A stalking second degree charge was dismissed.