Gary Lea honored as Kentucky Colonel

  • Gary Lea
    Gary Lea

    Gary Lea, Director of Maintenance for the City of Falmouth, was honored by Kentucky Rep. Mark Hart before the October 6, 2020 caucus meeting of Falmouth City Council with the designation of Kentucky Colonel. Lea has worked for the city for over 40 years, leaving for only six months during all that time.
    He was nominated by Dawn Hughes, Safety Director and Administrative Assistant for the Falmouth Maintenance Department.
    “It was amazing to me that he had dedicated so much of his life to this city with very little recognition for what he does,” King said. “I have been his administrative assistant for almost 10 years and have watched him struggle with keeping employees (we don’t make much money) and leaving his house in the middle of the night because someone didn’t have electricity during a storm.
    “Gary’s first priority is the people of Falmouth. Ice storms, thunderstorms, and even the flood. Not many people have that kind of loyalty and work ethic.”
    Ramona Williams, City Clerk, has worked with Lea for approximately half of his career, and she echoes Hughes’s description. “His dedication has always been to the city and its residents. Gary has always felt it was his ‘duty’ to keep the city running, albeit being called out in storms at all hours of the day and night, restoring electric expeditiously, reparing water leaks, and in doing so sacrificed himself and his personal time.
    “I vividly remember an ice storm several years ago, and while my electric in the county was out for well over a week, the city residents were restored in days. He never stopped until every service had been restored! It is truly a pleasure to share the workplace with Gary.”
    Hughes and Williams could have included holidays, as well. On Memorial Day 2020, the area experienced one of several impressive storms. This storm’s winds worked with the saturated ground to push over an electric pole in the city. Within 20 minutes of calling dispatch, the maintenance crew was at work. Lea was there, providing water and manpower. While many were grilling and having time with family and friends, Lea and the maintenance crew were working to restore power and to keep residents safe.
    Hughes sees this kind of dedication being taken for granted. “Nobody makes a Facebook post thanking the public works department for their water or the electricity. Nobody really notices what they do unless it doesn’t get done.
    “Gary Lea is in my opinion one of the City of Falmouth’s greatest assets. He knows everything about this city. I just felt it was time to give credit where credit was due. I’m glad that I have had the honor to work for him.”
    Mayor Ron Stinson agrees with Hughes and Williams. “Gary has dedicated most of his life to keeping the city running. He is very well deserving of this honorarium.”