Becky's Flower Basket says, "That wasn't us storming the Capitol"


Three Becky Flowers misidentified and mistakenly being attacked online including Falmouth Kentucky's Becky's Flower Basket

  • Becky's Flower Basket In Falmouth, Kentucky
    Becky's Flower Basket In Falmouth, Kentucky

Holly Trimble has been recovering from major back surgery over the past few months and just recently was able to return to the florist shop that is named after her mother, Becky's Flower Basket located in Falmouth, Kentucky.

What she has NOT been doing is storming the Capitol and allegedly stealing from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi office.

According to the Midland Texas Democratic Party Facebook page and the Midland-Reporter-Telegram reporter Cailin Randle, that was Jenny Cudd former Midland Texas mayoral candidate and owner of Becky's Flowers in Midland Texas.

To some wanting to punish Cudd through her business, they have confused Falmouth, Kentucky's Becky Flower Basket and Cudd's Becky's Flowers in Midland Texas.

Trimble has received phone calls from New York that are horrible attacks on them as well as bad customer reviews on Google and Facebook.

All because someone wanting to punish Cudd for her actions but have misidentified the business she owns in Midland Texas.

It is not just an attack on Trimble's innocent business in Falmouth. A Becky's Flowers in Roseville, California posted on their Facebook account a similar story.

"It has come to our attention that there is a Becky's Flowers in Midland Texas whose owner participated in the insurrection at the Capitol this week. We are NOT in any way affiliated with that florist. We just happen to have the same name because we preserved the original name of this store since 1973. We are getting hate messages and bad reviews as a result. To our customers, please know that we were not part of that. Thank you for your continued trust and please ignore the hate reviews that are not meant for us."

It is not just an attack that is limited to the shores of this country. A Becky's Flowers in the United Kingdom is suffering from the same thing. They posted on their Facebook account, "Well it's fair to say today has been slightly nuts to say the least! I woke up to find I had been connected with something that had nothing to do with me in another country and have been deleting/requesting removal and fielding some unpleasant comments and messages all day it's been trying and wearing but very proud of myself for staying grounded, polite and retaining my sense of humour."

After thanking supporters from both sides of the pond, the owner of the UK Becky's Flowers posted, "tonight I will be enjoying a much needed, very large glass of wine.