Kentucky a leader in election reform


    Secretary of State Michael Adams release information he had gleaned from talking with county clerks throughout the state.
    Of the 115 county clerks who responded:
    79 percent want to keep in-person early voting
    92 percent support keeping “vote centers” (centralized locations where any county resident can vote) if on a voluntary basis by county
    63 percent support vote centers being required
    70 percent favor keeping a signature cure process for absentee ballots
    89 percent support keeping the absentee ballot request portal.
    “From day one, I’ve actively consulted with county clerks of both political parties as I develop election policy,” Adams said. “I’m so pleased that, by overwhelming margins, the county clerks agree with the four main tenets of the election reform legislation I’m preparing for the General Assembly to consider,” said Adams.
    Pendleton County Clerk Rita Spencer echoed many of the points made and singled out her staff and election commissioners.
    “The office staff and the election commissioners and the processing committee did a great job. Thanks to all of them for the job they did,” said Spencer.
    According to her, everything went well with the 4,500+ absentee ballots cast in Pendleton County.
    The online portal was a success in allowing residents to request an absentee ballot, and Spencer sees is as a useful tool for requesting one for disability reasons.
    She did add, “I am a fan of VOTE on election Day with the exception of Absentee Request for the Reasons applicable.”
    While other counties were organizing vote centers, she pointed out, “We already have a good mini vote center here in our county the way we have the schools set up.”
    She did feel that the time period for early in-person voting needs to be shortened.
    “In person will need to be a shorter time and in the future will go back to only people who will be out of town or school etc.,” she said while adding that the main course of voting should be on Election Day.