August 21, 2014

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Kentucky granted extension status through 2015
Flowers and fantasy at Pendleton Country Club

From left: Margie McGaha and Margie Craig flank memorial in flower bed.

The ladies group tees off at 9 a.m., followed by a group of old men at 9:30 a.m., and, by the time the old men finish 18 holes, our lady friends have already set up for dominos, thus the clattering and chattering as we enter. They pay no attention to us except to invite us to partake of dessert which they usually bring for their members. Fresh peach ice cream and chocolate cake. They have on occasion invited certain of us old men to lick their plates clean and we have obliged.

Perk-up Your Picnic with a Quick Summer Tortellini Salad
Smoothies by the Amish Cook

By Gloria Yoder

It would be difficult to get much more perfect summer weather than what we have been experiencing. Last night we had a nice rain that cut the humidity and cooled everything and everyone off once more.

My 16-year-old sister, Mary Grace, who lives next door is here helping me for the day. We are doing cleaning in preparation for Daniel’s family from Danville, Ohio who plan to come for a visit this weekend. We’re excited to see them again. We also did some cooking today. With mashed potatoes being one of Daniel’s favorite hot dishes, we made  a huge batch. Then divided it into small containers to be frozen. It’s very handy to thaw and heat at a moment’s notice.

Ms. Mildred Dickison

Mildred Dickison shortly after she retired as Pendleton County Public Health Nurse.

Ms. Dickison is 98 years young and resides at River Valley Nursing Home in Butler. She is a bit hard of hearing as most of us oldies are, but her mind is sharp; she enjoys conversing and has an infectious giggle that cheers and brightens the day for visitors. Furthermore, she remembers in detail many of the experiences she had in her nursing career, particularly her twenty seven and one half years as public health nurse in Pendleton County. She began in Pendleton County in July, 1950.

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A letter of thanks and love to the great people of Pendleton County, Kentucky
Falmouth Festival Committee expresses gratitude toward all contributions to a great Fourth of July
Citizen concerned for America’s future
Mitch McConnell meets with business leaders and public officials

Mitch McConnell poses with public officials. From left: Magistrate Alan Whaley, Magistrate David Fields, Senator Mitch McConnell, Councilman Ron Stinson, Mayor Mark Hart. Photo by Roger McKinney.

By Roger McKinney, Reporter

United States Senator Mitch McConnell met last Friday, July 25, with Pendleton County business leaders and public officials. The gathering took place in Falmouth City Hall’s Council Chambers. Some 75 individuals were in attendance. Falmouth Mayor Mark Hart introduced the Senate Minority Leader. Senator McConnell said “First, I will give you my take on the condition of the country and then the floor will be open for questions.”