September 1, 2014

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Warm the Family Up with this Mushroom Barley Soup Print E-mail
“Observations 2013” Print E-mail

Where has the year gone? It just seems like last month we were preparing for Christmas and New Year’s 2012. I have always heard old people comment about how time flies. Now I know!

2013 has been most ‘Rewarding’ for me as a lay writer. One cannot imagine the pleasure I have received upon meeting a reader in town or elsewhere and receiving the comment, “Marvin, I really liked your article. Marvin did that really happen? I really got a laugh out of your last piece.”

“Sunday Dinner” Print E-mail

Back in the 1950s, the meal that was observed at noontime was called “Dinner.” The meal in the evening was called “Supper.” It has been a result of our modern, sophisticated society that has replaced these traditional observances with: “Continental Breakfast,” “Brunch,” “Lunch,” and “Dinner.” The evening meal is now called “Dinner.” Modern man has a way of always meddling with situations, trying to simplify them, but in the end, all he messes with tends to become more complicated.

Christmas poem by Pearlie Wright Print E-mail

By Pearlie Wright

Dear Santa,

I'm older now and realize just where you're coming from;
So you won't have to ask my mom if I've done something dumb.

I'd like to have a second chance at getting those rewards
that you give to all who are good and work real hard.

Mom just called and told me I forgot to seal this letter;
So you just wink your eye at me for you and I know better!

Merry Christmas to all!


Breakfast recipe for the holiday Print E-mail

The holidays are all about hearty and delicious meals shared with friends and family. And while those big afternoon and evening meals may get most of the attention, there are many ways to make breakfast more festive without added stress.

Guaranteed Party Favorite, Moscato Cheese Spread Print E-mail
Basics of poinsettia plant care Print E-mail

Although poinsettias are most often associated with the holiday season, they are actually tropical plants. In spite of their origins, poinsettias can thrive during the holiday season and even last long after the holidays have come and gone.

"What It Feels Like" Print E-mail

When I was a teenager I used to wonder how an old person felt knowing that he was getting close to death. Since I am now in that category, the answer is slowly beginning to unravel.

My dad lived to be 96 years old and up until the last couple years, he never let on that he realized he was getting old. His favorite comment about age was, “old age is ten years older than you are.”

A Sure-Fire Family Favorite Slow Cooked Pot Roast Print E-mail
Tips for mailing holiday greeting cards Print E-mail

Millions of greeting cards are sent out each holiday season. Estimates suggest that 85 percent of the United States population, or roughly 250 million people, mails out greeting cards. That adds up to billions of cards going through the postal system - and all in a relatively short period of time.


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