September 3, 2014

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Comer and Grimes encourage taxpayers to donate to Farms to Food Banks Trust Fund Print E-mail

Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer, Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes and several  lawmakers went to the Capitol Rotunda Tuesday, January 14, rallying Kentucky taxpayers to “check the box” for hunger relief.

Starting this tax season, Kentucky state income taxpayers can donate a portion of their refund to the Farms to Food Banks Trust Fund. Administered by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, the fund is intended to provide grants to nonprofits for the distribution of Kentucky-grown surplus agricultural commodities to low-income individuals. The fund was established in 2009 but has never received any funding from the Kentucky General Assembly.

Take the 10 percent challenge and buy more Ky. Proud foods in 2014 Print E-mail

Resolutions are in fashion this time of year, and Agriculture Commissioner James Comer asks you to add one more resolution to your list: Make a commitment to support your local food economy and the Kentucky farm families that supply it by spending at least 10 percent of your food purchases this year on Kentucky Proud products.

Winter and early spring pruning tips Print E-mail

As spring approaches, many homeowners begin to think about their yard’s landscape. The winter months can be damaging to trees and shrubs. To ensure healthy spring plants, homeowners may want to prune the trees and shrubs around their home. But do not just prune for the sake of pruning, make sure you have a valid reason for pruning before you begin.

Cooking up a cure for cabin fever Print E-mail

When it is too cold to play outside, it is time to get creative inside. A great way to engage your children is to help them cook something warm and cozy in the kitchen. Cooking is especially enjoyable for children because it requires using all five senses. They see the foods and prepare them with their own hands. They can hear foods popping or sizzling in the pan and smell the aromas. Finally, the best part is they get to taste their finished product.

Writing your life story Print E-mail

Memories can be very powerful and remind us of life’s ups and downs and times of growth, maturity and happiness. Do you remember what your first job was like? What was the make and model of your first car? How did you feel when you held your first child?

Lice can reduce beef and dairy profits in the winter Print E-mail

Lice can suck the profits out of your beef and dairy cattle herds during the winter. These cold-loving pests spread when animals bunch together in response to frigid temperatures, and we’ve already had plenty of those.

Winter survival strategies for insects Print E-mail

Most of us have noticed that there are a lot fewer insects around in the winter, but have you ever wondered where they go?

Planning Dad’s Day Out Print E-mail

Fathers play an important role in their children’s lives. The National Fatherhood Initiative reported that a study examining father involvement with children of adolescent mothers showed that children who had contact with their fathers had better socio-emotional and academic functioning. Children with more involved fathers also experienced fewer behavioral problems and scored higher on reading achievement. These results were consistent whether the involved father was residing with the child or not.

AG Department’s contest opens new categories for digital photos and art Print E-mail

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Poster and Essay Contest will add a category for digital submissions this year along with the traditional poster and essay competitions.

The theme of this year’s contest is “Kentucky Farmers - Our American Heroes.”

“Kentucky farmers raise animals and plants that feed, clothe, and shelter us. But some of them also served in the military to protect our country,” Agriculture Commissioner James Comer said. “I look forward to seeing how Kentucky’s young people express themselves on how farmers are their heroes.”

Join in on the fight against hunger in Kentucky Print E-mail

By Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer

Kentuckians are some of the most generous folks you will ever meet. It’s part of our culture and values to share from our abundance with those who are less fortunate. This year, we all will have a new opportunity to do just that.


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