September 3, 2014

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Flour Creek Holiday Open House Print E-mail

"Come share the blessings of Christmas." Flour Creek Christian Church invites you to attend their Christmas Holiday Open House from 4 - 7 p.m. Saturday, December 15.

Come join them for a free Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. Every child will receive a free gift from under the tree.

Flour Creek Christian Church is located at Hwy 177, Butler, across from BB's.


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Not Seward's Folly Print E-mail

I should preface my remarks today by making it clear that this is not a book review, but a reflection on a book review. The book, Seward:  Lincoln's Indispensable Man by Walter Stahr (Simon and Schuster, 2012) is not the subject of this blog, just as they say in therapeutic terms, “the presenting issue.” My subject is actually the particular angle that one reviewer has taken on the life of William Henry Seward.

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Mt. Gilead has a brand new roof Print E-mail

The new roof at Mt. Gilead is finished and what a wonderful job thanks to Best Case Farm. Workers shown in photo are Tim Shumate, Ben Gann and Scott Ramsey. Picture taken by Clay Jones.

Wonderful things can happen. Over the past few years we talked about how the church needs a new roof. If you want a surprise, go to the old church and look at that beautiful roof.

The Best Case Farm supplied the materials and workers to complete the job in four days.

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What’s Bubbling in Our Souls Print E-mail

Today is National Embarrass Your Children Day. Who am I kidding? Every day is National Embarrass Your Children Day.

For some reason, this morning I was remembering a song my son Jeremy came home from Vacation Bible School singing about 25 years ago.  He had not yet mastered the lyrics. Sitting in the car, his macaroni and paper plate craft in his lap, a bright smile on his face, he sang:

“It’s bubbling. It’s bubbling. It’s bubbling in my soul!

I’m singing and laughing since Jesus made me whole!

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