September 3, 2014

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Outstanding in His Field - A Kentucky Adventure

Chapter 1

“Dogwood, what have you done?” Dad asked as he cleaned green beans off the ceiling fan while Mom wiped mashed potatoes out of my sister Chloe’s hair. “I’m sorry, Dad,” I said after swallowing some baked chicken, “but when Chloe said ‘food fight,’ I had to throw something.”

“Food fight?” Mom, Dad and Chloe questioned simultaneously.

“Yes, sir,” I repeated.

“I didn’t say ‘food fight,’” my sister said sweetly.

Obviously the mashed potatoes had clouded Chloe’s judgment.

“I said ‘gesundheit,’” Chloe added as Mom and Dad stifled a laugh.

“You sneezed so I said, ‘gesundheit.’ It’s the German word for ‘good health’,” Chloe explained.