September 2, 2014

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History of Pendleton County by Emma McClanahan Thompson Part 2

This history of Pendleton County was written by Emma McClanahan Thompson in 1934 and was printed in several editions of The Falmouth Outlook beginning July 5, 1988.

Part II: Agriculture

Pendleton County is situated in the Outer Blue Grass Region. In the beginning when it was in its virgin state, the hills were covered with great forests of the famous hardwood timber that later on the industries of the cities demanded and the Licking River carried downstream to the factories of the commercial world. When the settlers first came, the land had to be cleared of these forests which consisted of oak, maple, poplar, walnut, hickory, black locust and beech trees. Thousands and thousands of feetĀ  of hardwood timber were rolled into the hollows and fired. Later the demand for this type of timber led the people to raft it down the river at high tide in the spring of the year to various mills along the river, located at Falmouth, Butler, Covington and Cincinnati.