August 21, 2014

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“The Race”

Most folks picture life as a journey, but it really is a destination. If one were to make a graphic picture of life, the illustration would start on a level plain at birth, ascending up hill until age 40 and then descend downhill until reaching back to the level plain at death.  This stage is really the finish line and also the victory.

I have never agreed with this design. The true design would be to place the point of beginning at birth at the top and continue that point in a downhill direction until death.

Please don’t think this introduction is negative. Life is an exciting and complicated experience.

Let’s take a look!  As a youngster in the early 1950s, the small town of Falmouth was the only metropolis I knew. Until I was sixteen years old, I had never been any father west than Williamstown, any father east than