September 3, 2014

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Edith Bladel reaches the century mark in age

Edith Bladel shares a moment with her son Paul Blasdel, right, and daughter Brenda Higgins, left. A musician all her life, Blasdel resides at Pine Knoll Assisted Living Center, Lawrenceburg.

By Chandra L. Mattingly, Register Publications Staff Reporter

You'd have to be over 100 to remember the March 1913 flood. Edith Blasdel doesn't remember it, but she and her family remember the most important fact from that time: it's when she was born! Blasdel, daughter of George Clarence and Chloe Bentle, was born Thursday, March 21, 1913, at Lights Fork Creek, Ky., said her son Paul Blasdel, Capistrano, Calif.

β€œThe day she was born the creek they lived on was very swollen,” he said. Her dad – his grandpa – rode a horse to Falmouth to get the doctor to assist at the birth.