August 23, 2014

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Citizens for the Legalization of Urban Chicken Keeping Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

To All Falmouth Residents:

In a time of progress and change for our nation, it has never been more important to know that you can be self-sustaining and care for your family when needed. News of E.coli and listeria on food and tainted meat in our countries groceries makes for scary times. Being able to, without a doubt, know exactly what is in the food you are eating is becoming increasingly difficult.

Backyard chicken keeping is an answer for many. Backyard chickens allow for fresh, extremely local food production on a small, manageable scale. Our small agricultural city currently has an ordinance that disallows the keeping of domestic fowl unless they produce food, income, or kept as pets. At the present time our council is working to further restrict this by removing these stipulations. The reasons cited for banning these animals from within city limits are unfounded. They pose no greater health risk than cats and are not anywhere near the noise disturbance of dogs. Responsible pet ownership makes urban chickens not only efficient food producers, but sensible animals to allow within the city limits of Falmouth.

Five benefits that backyard chickens can provide that you may not know:

• A progressive community attitude: Falmouth can help lead Kentucky in the Urban Agriculture movement.

• Enriching educational opportunities - for children and adults alike.

• Sustainable lifestyles choices - promoting healthy citizens, neighborhoods, and soil.

• Homegrown food source - the ultimate "Local Food;" decreasing our effects on the environment by consuming products that are grown in our own geographical region, city, or neighborhood.

• Lessons in food production and safety - Eggs don't come from cartons!

Chicken keeping is a healthy, economical, and sustainable way to feed and enrich our families and our communities. Many towns and cities across our nation have already embraced backyard chickens. Highland Heights, Florence, Erlanger, and Cold Spring allow them, as does Manhattan, Chicago, Anne Arbor, and San Francisco. Falmouth could be on the forefront of the sustainable living movement and provide its residents with the option to take control of their food.

We must embrace change and do everything we can to provide our children a safe and healthy environment to grow up in.  We are not asking to allow chickens to run amuck in our town. In fact we know that this can only work if proper restrictions are put in place. We also do not wish to divide our town but we do want positive progress to change our community for the better. I urge you as citizens of Falmouth to create your own opinion based on facts and understand the value this has for the citizens of our community. We invite you to view the information we have presented to the Falmouth CityC ouncil as well as our recommendations for a proposed ordinance with proper restrictions on our website  and don’t forget to support our cause and make your voice heard by signing our petition through the link on

Monica Ammerman
CLUCK (Citizens for the
Legalization of Urban Chicken