August 21, 2014

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Lots of fun had with Jail-and-Bail

Pictured above is Pendleton County Sheriff’s Deputy and School Resource Officer Jared Brewer as he takes Pendleton County High School Assistant Principal Chad Simms to jail. All Jail-and-Bail pics courtesy of Monica Antrobus.

Project Grad committee raises money

Project Grad 2013 sponsored the Jail-and-Bail held at the basketball game at Pendleton County High School on Friday, February 8.  Due to its success, it is now the First Annual Jail-and-Bail. The proceeds will be used to fund Project Grad, the post-graduation lock-in.

A committee of parents work together to do the fundraising.  The committee suggested the event a couple of months ago.  They went with it, and were really thrilled with the results!

They raised over $1100 at the ball game.  Warrants were $5, and bail was $5.  Anyone who didn’t want to leave the game could pay $10 to “bond out.”