September 2, 2014

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A notice of love and gratitude Print E-mail

The Norman Family, our daughter Tammy Gore and granddaughter Brittney Gore are searching for words good enough to thank the owners and staff of Randy's Clothing and Falmouth Christian Church for their wonderful generosity in all the precious gifts and love they gave so freely to Tammy and Brittney. While our resources are limited, Tammy and Brittney would have had all the love this family can give them on our Savior's birthday, but they had no idea that total strangers would give so freely of their Christian love and God-given resources. Tammy escaped from an abusive marriage shortly before Thanksgiving and both her and Brittney really needed the joy and happiness your love and gifts are giving them. Thank you all so very, very much. God will bless both Randy's Clothing owners and staff and Falmouth Christian Church with great love and prosperity of witness and wealth. In fact I wish to thank any church, person, organization or group that gave gifts of Christian love and gifts of joy to any needy family or person all over the world. God's magnificent and unlimited blessing on everyone on this our Lord and Master's birthday.

~ The William Norman Family