August 31, 2014

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Local wants to clarify previous letter Print E-mail

To the editor,

In regards to the letter I wrote that was published in last week’s Outlook, I would like to clarify a few points for the public.

Pendleton Co. EMS, Falmouth, Greg Pollard, Mark and Philip Hart have nothing to do with the Fire Dept. in Peach Grove that responded to my house on May 21, 2012.

Northern Pendleton County (Peach Grove) disregarded the paramedics (Mark Hart & Greg Pollard) in our driveway, saying that my husband didn’t want to go to the hospital; they talked him into going and needed help loading him. That is simply not true. I insisted they take him to St. E.

Once disregarded, legally there was/is nothing Mr. Hart or Mr. Pollard could do for us.

The City of Falmouth was left without a squad and two paramedics to help you load 180 pounds, not to mention the expense to us, the tax payers of this County. If I could not do my job, I’m sure I would need to look for a different vocation.

Northern Pendleton County Fire Dept. (Peach Grove) wanted the run to our house for the money they would collect and did. I am furious that they would play with anyone’s life for a lousy $498.00! Apparently, Northern Pendleton Co. (Peach Grove) will continue to do business with no regard to the lives they are supposed to save.

I suggested I would self-transport to Falmouth and that was not a good idea, there may not be anyone at the EMS office. I will call 911 and meet up with a squad (that does have paramedics) between our house and St. Elizabeth.

Thank you,

Pat Trimble