August 23, 2014

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Citizen urges voters to consider Lutz Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

This is a letter of endorsement for Bryan Lutz for Kentucky State Representative for the 78th District. This district includes precincts in Campbell, Harrison, Pendleton and Robertson counties.

I recommend that all voters consider voting for Bryan to represent them in this important state representative district.

I can say "as to Bryan's goals for this district and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, I am in total one accord with him. In general all his positions  are based on biblical principles  and neither  Brian nor I make any apologies for these principles."

For anyone who wants to explore Bryan's platform he is available to discuss his goals and positions by phoning him at 859-379-5303 or one can go to his web site at www.BRYAN

Bryan and his supporters have as a goal to visit every home in the 78th District. I walked the streets of Butler, Kentucky with Bryan recently and I relate two stories.

1)  A gentleman  who was a senior citizen invited us into his home to discuss Bryan's positions and we spent probably 15 minutes  talking with this gentleman about a number of topics especially his service to our country as a member of the armed services and his love for Butler, Pendleton County, the State of Kentucky and our nation.

2) Since I am very familiar  with the River Valley Nursing Home, I suggested that we pay a visit there. The administrator welcomed Bryan and then he invited Bryan to visit some of the residents, not to campaign, but just to let the residents know that someone cared about them. Bryan conveyed to me how satisfying he felt after the visit and encouraged by the care the residents were receiving by the staff at River Valley.

Bryan is someone that I described as "The real deal" (very transparent in today's language) and I encourage every voter in the 78th State Representative District to give serious consideration to his candidacy.

Sincerely, Dave Shipp