September 2, 2014

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Your newspaper will be there for you, Nat’l Newspaper Week Oct. 8-13

By Ron Dzwonkowski
Associate Editor for the Detroit Free Press

Your newspaper will be there for you. Simple statement, but let’s break it down a bit.

Your newspaper… That’s right, all yours, assembled just for you, tailored to where you live, emphasizing the things that affect you, keeping track of the people and players in your community. Your newspaper is put together by people in a newsroom that was built for you, where people work to supply information that matters to you, from the details of that crash you passed by on Tuesday to biographies of the candidates for your school board to notices of what’s on sale at your local supermarket.

Will be there for you. Be where? On your porch, in your mail, at your convenience store and, yeah, sometimes in your bushes. But also at your township hall, inside your local police department, attending your city council meeting, watching your elections. It will be where you can’t, paying attention, keeping watch, asking questions, making the record public.