August 28, 2014

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Herb Clark running for re-election as mayor of Butler Print E-mail

The mayor of the city. What city you ask? It really doesn't matter the city; it's the job we need to discuss. Being an elected official is in itself an accomplishment that some take very lightly. They accept the position halfheartedly and sometimes it shows in their performance.

The mayor's position is one of  great responsibility. The person, who is elected or appointed to this position, should search within themselves to see if they really have the determination to succeed no matter what may come, but also seek to improve on those tasks and set a higher standard for their successor.

I want to be that elected official. My wish, no my prayer, is that when my time is over, my successor begins his work and says what a privilege it is to follow this mayor. I know, while I may make some mistakes they will be a learning experience and only serve to make myself, as well as this position stronger.

Some may say that in an election the best person usually wins. Well, I say no matter who is elected, it's the people who should win. They should demand that the candidate prove to be the right choice.

I want to ask you, the people, to place your trust in me. I will continue to make you proud of not only me, but also the city and its Mayor.

Herb Clark,
Mayor of Butler