August 30, 2014

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Unleashed - A Kentucky Adventure - Chapter 2

“I can’t imagine what’s in the box,” Chloe said as we drove home from our appointment with Doc Albert.

“Maybe it’s a bottle of pills or vitamins,” I suggested.

“I thought about that, Woody,” Chloe said, “but Doc has never put our medicine in a big cardboard box and told us to wait until we get home to open it.”

Chloe had a point. Judging from the way Mom and Dad were looking at each other, I knew they were stumped, too.

“Maybe it’s an exercise video to help us get in shape,” Chloe offered.

“Maybe it’s a treadmill,” I said, hoping I was wrong.

“Why are you giggling?” I asked Chloe, Mom and Dad.

“I was remembering the time you turned the treadmill up too fast and you flew across the room,” Chloe said, her giggling turning to laughter. “Do you remember that, Woody?”