September 2, 2014

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Outlook held captive after black-masked bandits drop in

It was just another ordinary day of work at The Falmouth Outlook on Tuesday, September 18. The early morning hours were unusually quiet with the exception of the regular sounds of shuffling papers, the pecking of keyboards in use, and the occasional ringing of the telephone. Little did the staff know that this was just the proverbial "calm before the storm."

With everyone going about their daily duties, it was quite a startle when a loud thud erupted from the front of the office and bookkeeper Sarah Trimble shockingly exclaimed the word "Raccoons!". This brought the other members of the staff on duty running to the uncommon scene just in time to see a pair of confused, furry, black-masked bandits standing in a cloud of dust, insulation, shredded newspapers and debris that had fallen from above.