August 22, 2014

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Unleashed - A Kentucky Adventure

By Leigh Anne Florence, Illustrated by Chris Ware

Unleashed series: Chapter 1

Go to to hear Woody read each chapter and try the interactive chapter activities. Thanks to Kentucky Utilities/LG&E, Kentucky Office for Adventure Tourism, Kentucky Press Association and Newspaper in Education for helping to make this statewide literacy project possible.

“Well, Woody, it looks as if all your numbers are higher than last year,” the doctor said as he went over my test results.

“That’s awesome!” I exclaimed, puffing out my chest.

Doc Albert chuckled before she spoke. “Actually Woody, it’s not like exams in school where higher numbers mean better grades. With medical exams, higher numbers aren’t usually a good thing.”

“I don’t understand,” I said, looking back and forth from my parents to the doctor.

“Well, your blood sugar, your cholesterol and your weight are all higher than they were last year. Those three things tell me you aren’t eating right or exercising enough. And for you to be healthy, that has to change.”