August 30, 2014

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Legislative perspective on Kentucky General Assembly

With Labor Day on our minds, now is the ideal time to recognize our working men and women who sacrifice to make our state and nation great.  There are many areas where they have achieved success, but I want to highlight three industries that have been in the news recently.  Combined, they employ tens of thousands of Kentuckians and have strong ties to our region.

Two of the industries – horses and forests – may be as close as our back door, while many of our family and friends undoubtedly work for manufacturers whose products are exported to countries ranging from China and Canada to Italy and India.

As chair of the Kentucky House of Representatives’ Agriculture and Small Business Committee, I have had the opportunity over the years to learn more about the inner workings of each of these.  The one I am most familiar with, however, is our signature horse industry.

Last year, horse-related sales ranked fourth among agriculture’s commodities, putting them just behind cattle sales and trailing poultry and corn.