August 28, 2014

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Ashcraft requests meeting attendance Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

This letter is to the great people that own land around Kincaid Lake and all the great people that fish there and care about our great lake that has been there since 1959. Please get off your butts and come to this meeting at 7 p.m., August 21 at the Multi-purpose Building.

Kincaid Lake State Park Commissioner Gassett is having this meeting to our support our great lake. I hope to god to see all you people come out and support this lake we have. People of Pendleton County our lake is down three to four feet. It is filling in really bad and we need to get something done before we loose our beautiful lake. Please this dumb hillbilly needs all of you to come and support this and get something done by the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife that owns this lake.

God Bless America

Bill Ashcraft