August 27, 2014

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Amish Cook 07-24

By: Lovina Eicher

Daughters Susan and Verena worked six long days last week de-tasseling corn.  By Saturday night they were tired girls. Verena’s brace rubbed her foot open in two places. I wanted her to stay home today, but she wanted to go detasseling again. (Editor’s Note: De-tasseling corn is a method of cross-pollinating various varieties of corn by removing the tassels) Benjamin is now a teenager since the 14th and  Joe and I had our 19th anniversary yesterday, July 15. Time has gone too fast. Daughter Loretta sat down one day last week to write the column. She said she wanted to do something to help me out. I am glad she did because it was good for her to put her thoughts into writing. She has a journal that she writes in, which is a good way for her to vent through this difficult trial which she is facing at this young age in her life.  Here is what she wrote:

I hope you are all doing great.  I had a wonderful day today.  For breakfast, we had grilled cheese sandwiches and cereal.  I love grilled cheese. Sister Lovina dries the dishes for me while I wash them.  Then I swept and mopped the floors. With all of us home from school the floors get tracked up fast. Mom, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Joseph, and Kevin are all out weeding in the garden. They like to go out early in the morning when it is still not so hot. Elizabeth might start her new job this week.  She will work for a lady who will train her to do professional cleaning.