Pendleton County High School Cheerleaders Still Going Strong


    It’s been a tough season for the Pendleton County High School cheerleading team, coached by Abby Belcher.
They haven’t been able to go to competitions like in years past and cheering at boy’s and girl’s basketball games have been different.
    The pandemic has changed the way they have done things, which has been the new normal everywhere. Now the winter weather has not allowed the cheerleaders to go to the gym to get a video for another virtual competition.
    “We just had the one (virtual competition) in January so far. We have no dates for KHSAA (Kentucky High School Athletic Association) regionals or state yet,” Coach Belcher said about her team’s competition choices..
    PCHS is still able to cheer at basketball games and sideline cheering is going good under the different conditions.
    “We have to wear masks throughout the entire game,” Coach Belcher explained. “We also don’t have as many spectators to cheer to either, so the atmosphere is different.”
    The cheerleaders have been fortunate to still be able to cheer this season, and they are making the most out of their opportunities. Let’s go PC!