An Open Letter To All Pendleton County Wildcat Fans,

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An Open Letter To All Pendleton County Wildcat Fans,

Tonight, in Falmouth, Kentucky we are going to play basketball. After a long spring, an unusual summer, and a fall of uncertainty the Wildcats are finally going to play a home game. For many of you I know that life is not back to normal and part of that is you will not be able to attend tonight. I am truly sorry if that this is the case.

While it may not be what you are used to on a Friday night in Falmouth please know that our coaching staff encourages all of you to watch the broadcast tonight via the school district website. This year our boys and girls home games will be free to watch online. Our administration has worked hard to make this happen. There has been a lot of preparation for this. Our superintendent, Mr. Joe Buerkley, along with Athletic Director Mr. JordanWoodruff, and Mr. Craig Smith, a true technology guru, have worked hard to make this an option for everyone. If you happen to see them please tell them thank you.

I want our student section to know that we miss you already! You guys help make Pendleton County one of the toughest places to play in the tenth region. It will be weird not seeing you guys over there on a Friday night being animated, but please know we haven’t forgotten about you. I look forward to the night you guys are back in the gym and someone has to tell you to back up! Those of you that will be in attendance tonight will have to cheer louder than normal to make up for them, and we encourage you to do so.

If you are unable to attend tonight please watch online, order some food from one of our local restaurants in the community, and be as enthusiastic as you normally are. Our school district is able to see how many people watched each game, so let’s set a virtual attendance record!

I promise you the boys are ready to go and will wear the Wildcat jersey with pride! It’s still basketball and these boys are still your team and will represent you well!

However you are able to watch tonight please know that we appreciate your support. To PC Fans everywhere it is time to get excited, because tonight, in Falmouth, Kentucky we are going to play basketball!

Go Cats!

Coach Elsbernd