Mayer leads Pendleton archery

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    Archery Seniors

    With a delayed start to the season and strict guidelines for hosting a tournament, Pendleton County Archery waded into the realm of hosting a tournament in the Covid-19 world.
    “The tournament was a success. Over 200 archers shot and three teams achieved their first score in a state qualifier,” said Coach David Myers.
    The Wildcats were led by Kennadi Mayer who shot a 273 which was sixth among high school girls. She was closely followed by Sarah Zumwalt, 268, and Lily Stephenson with a 265.
    The team scored a 3,106 with Harrison County winning with a 3,266 score.
    “The high school archers are shooting solid scores and improved its first team score by nine points,” Myers said.
    Ten archers shot in the 250s or 260s in both tournaments.
    “I believe we can improve these archer scores by eight or ten points into the 270s and 260s. It would improve the team score dramatically and would solidfy our position to make the NASP State tournament,” added Myers.
    The Sharp team improved their team score by 110 points from its opening score of the season. Their score of 2,629 puts them in good position to move onto the NASP State tournament according to Myers.
    They were led by Lily Rice who shot a 271 which was in middle school girls. She was  followed by Dylan Bramley with a 252 and Leyah Hyden with a 246.
    “I am optimistic that both teams will make the NASP State tournament this year.  With all of the push-backs this fall, and the shortened season this winter, that would be an outstanding way to finish out the NASP season,” said Myers.