10 questions with Dontaie Allen

  • Dontaie Allen
    Dontaie Allen

    We asked Falmouth Outlook readers to submit questions in which they are interested in the answers from UK Basketball player Dontaie Allen. They were submitted to UK Media and he answered the burning questions from our readers.
    1. What do the bracelets you wear and the tattoos you have say or represent?
    “On my left shoulder, I have one of me sitting on a basketball. That represents having aspirations growing up. Then I have a lion on my left forearm. That’s for my love of nature and then I have Falmouth on me and that’s my city. I usually have a bunch of bracelets, mainly holy ones. Like a “What Would Jesus Do?” and things like that.”

   2. Even though this year was far from normal, what is the most memorable moment for your first year at UK, on or off the court?
    “I don’t think there was really a set like activity or event or anything. It was really just hanging out with my brothers and my teammates and just creating bonds that are going to last for the rest of my life.”
    3. What has been your favorite memory traveling with the team?
    “I’d probably say going doing to SECs (Tournament) even though it didn’t pan out like we thought it would. I thought that brought everybody closer even though we weren’t able to play the rest of the season.”
    4. How do you find time to devote to your faith and studying the word of God?
    “I think even little things like while I’m on the basketball court, even just pounding my chest or pointing to the sky, it just acknowledges God and things like that. I’m just always trying to get that in because I know how important it is to me.”
    5. Outside of basketball, what career path do you see for yourself long term?
    “I think something in business. I think finding something that’s going to change lives. I’m not really not sure what it is, but that’s the goal.”
    6. At what point of growing up did you realize this is the sport that I love and I am ready to work at this sport I love?
    “It hit me my eighth grade season when I got hurt and I had a lot of time to sit out and just reflect on everything that was going on in my life. I just realized that if I put my all into it that I can make something out of it.”
    7. What have the past two years taught you about yourself as you dealt with the struggles?
    “It taught me to really go inside of myself and even though I’m doing things that a lot of people would say are big, to really just stay true to myself.”
    8. We have heard that playing video games is very competitive among the team. What is the team and your favorite game to play and who is the best on the team?
    “Last year’s team it definitely would have been NBA2K. This year, there’s a lot of guys who play a lot of other games. The only game I play is 2K, so I don’t even really know what they play. I’m for sure the best at 2K.”
9. What NBA team do you hope to play for?
    “Any team that takes a chance on me.”
10. What role do you see yourself in for the Kentucky 2020/21 season?
    “I don’t think any particular role. I’m just going to try and play my hardest and do my best on and off of the court.”