Yes, students and staff will be wearing facial masks in the classroom


    In Kentucky, all students first grade and above and staff are required to wear a mask at all times per the Healthy at Schools guidelines according to Superintendent Joe Buerkley.
    But what if a student refuses to do so?
    “Refusal to wear a mask will result in conference with student and contact to parents to discuss requirements of in-person learning,” said Buerkley while reiterating, “Masks are required per the Healthy at Schools guidelines for anyone in first grade and above.”
    Students are encouraged to bring in personal water bottles as the water fountains will not be utilized. Water bottle filling stations have been installed in schools due to this requirement.
    The one time students will not have to wear masks is during physicaleducation classes.
    “If students are participating in strenuous aerobic activity mask can be removed, otherwise they should be worn.  Goal will be to maintain social distancing when possible. Teachers will plan lessons and activities to limit exposure,” he said.
    A grey area that each school will have to address is recess. According to Buerkley, masks during outside recess are not required if six feet social distancing can be maintained.
    Those last three words will be key on whether elementary age children will maintain social distancing while wanting to play with their friends while at recess.