What will a Pendleton County Schools graduate look like in the future?


Superintendent Joe Buerkley and staff has been working on a portrait of a PC graduate and the Board of Education recently approved their vision

  • Pendleton County Schools Portrait of a Graduate
    Pendleton County Schools Portrait of a Graduate

    What is a Portrait of a Graduate? When Mr Joe Buerkley, Superintendent of Pendleton County school, was asked that question he replied, “Each school system is unique, but they all share the same objective: that all students have an educational experience that prepares them to become lifelong learners and contributors in our global economy.”
    In January, Pendleton County Schools began work with a group of administrators, teachers, parents, community representatives, and last, but certainly not least, students to develop Pendleton County Schools Portrait of a Graduate.
    A Portrait of a Graduate is a collective vision that articulates the aspirations for students.  These are the skills and habits of mind that the children need for success in this rapidly changing and complex world.  
    Working collaboratively together, the stakeholder group developed the competencies and characteristics that a Pendleton County High School graduate should possess.  
    Over the past few months through feedback, this group has arrived at the finished product.  
    A successful student must be able to be an effective communicator and collaborator, be a critical thinker, be innovative and creative, and be flexible and adaptive. This is just the beginning.
    The administration and staff must now begin to look at ways to make sure this is happening at every age level; for example, what is the school doing to create a critical thinker, a communicator and collaborator, innovative and creative person who can be flexible and adaptive?
    To this Mr Buerkley stated, “This is what we want our students to be and know. To be able to do these things, they will be successful.”   
    He added, “It’s about telling a parent that we have created a successful student. We’re just setting the stage”.
    This vision will be what directs the Pendleton County Schools and staff as they move forward in making plans to prepare for educating the next generation of Pendleton County students.