Temp checks, face masks and assigned seats when students get on the bus


As students load a Pendleton County Schools bus on Monday, October 19, those on the “A” day schedule will be receiving temperature checks before boarding the bus each morning.
    For those on the “B” day schedule, they will have the same checks on Thursday, October 22.
    Any student that has a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be excluded from riding the bus that day according to Superintendent Joe Buerkley.
    “Students will have assigned seats on the bus at all times.  Siblings will be assigned seats together.  This is being done to assist with contact tracing in the event of a positive Covid case,” he said in an email sent to Falmouth Outlook.To help limit exposure and aide in contact tracing, transfer busess will not be used this year.
    While there is no limit on the number of students that will be on each bus during the day, Buerkley said the schedule will help address the problem of buses without social distancing,
    “Due to utilization of the hybrid schedule we will be able to limit number of riders on bus at a given time.  This will assist with contact tracing and limit exposure in the event of positive case.”
    After each run in the morning and afternoon, the buses will be cleaned and sanitized.