Students will be isolated when they are eating


    While lunch has been generally a time for students to relax, hang out with their friends and de-stress, the virus has caused a different model for lunchtime in schools.
    According to Superintendent Joe Buerkley, “All individuals in the building in first grade and above must wear a mask at all times unless they are eating lunch per the Healthy at Schools guidelines.”
    As students move from the classroom to the lunchrooms and common areas where lunches are being served, they will be expected to wear masks. That would include them going through the line to pick out their lunch.
    Rather than being able to hang out with their friends, students will have to maintain six feet social distancing in both the lunch rooms and any common areas being used per the Healthy at Schools guidelines issued by Governor Andy Beshear’s office.
    When a student is done eating, that area will have to be cleaned and sanitized before another student will be allowed to eat at that location.
    “We are not anticipating the additional cleaning for lunch to extend lunch period much beyond normal.  This is something we will monitor and adjust as necessary,” said Buerkley.