One resident says Falmouth did what it always does: help others


By Kevin Barnard

    Here we go again....and no I’m not talking about high waters. I’m talking about doing what we do here in Falmouth. Sure, we get a bad reputation at times and perhaps at times it may be deserved.  At times we laugh at ourselves, shake our heads, or follow stories with “only in Falmouth”.
    But when push comes to shove, this is what we do. We stop everything and sacrifice for those in need. Great job today Falmouth-ites!! Way to bring the trucks and trailers. Way to open up space in your garages for storage. Way to think about others above yourself.
    Some may choose not to return after this, and we understand. It’s hard to deal with these things. But for those who stick around, this is why. Small town is like a big family. If you’re from here, you get it. And tonight, I’m proud to be from here
    Try to get some rest tonight, Falmouth. Going to be a long few days with lots of eyes on us and lots of prayers for us. But we’ve been here before.
    So here we go again...doing what we do.
    Kevin Barnard is the Senior Minister at Powersville Christian and a member of the Pendleton County Board of Education.One