Just let them worship

  • Hammock

    Over the past several years, I have been attending Crossroads Church in Oakley.
    Some have asked me why I attend so far away. It all traces back to a straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.
    As Pendleton County Athletic and Recreation Director in my home county, I was approached in all sorts of locations with questions, comments or complaints about what was going on. The aisles of Wyatt’s was fine, at youth fair was okay, and while eating at a restaurant was no big deal.
    The urinal of the bathroom at church before worship services was the final straw.
    As Jana and Jonah went to get us seats, probably in the back, I headed off to the restroom. A few moments later I heard from behind me, “Let me ask you a question about recreation sports.”
    I politely answered the question and told Jana after the services, I was ready to move northward where we could just worship our God and His Son, Jesus Christ.
    I wanted a church that we could go to in the morning and refresh my Christian spirit as we faced the upcoming week and learn from the message that the minister was given that week.
    So we went north to a church just across the Pendleton County border. As we entered the door and stood on the welcome mat just inches inside the door, I heard, “Hey Keith, let me ask you a question about football.”
    Jonah chuckled and said, “We will save you a seat.”
    Afterwards, Jana suggested Crossroads Church in Oakley. Eight miles into Ohio right off I-71.
    Over the past years, I have never fielded a question on athletics or even the newspaper while worshipping.
    Your elected officials, school teachers, and local leaders deserve the same worship time. Sunday morning is not the time to talk road conditions, how your child is doing in school and/or playing time, or any other issue. They each have a contact number or email they are easily contacted Monday through Friday.
    Sunday is their personal time with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Time to hold up their personal worship to God. It is to be a special time for them to commit their life to being the best Christian they can be for one more week.
    For some, it might be the 60-90 minutes they need to refresh their spirit as they prepare to handle the pressures they are dealing in the positions they hold.
    That time on Sunday morning is not for you and Pendleton County.
    It’s their time they give to God. Just let them worship.